For love and the self.

An illustration of a rabbit with a ribbon around its neck.

My name is Josephine, and I'm also known as Fairy or Nice (stylized as nice♡). I'm a Chinese-Indonesian-American artist and designer. Stories are my inspiration - I examine the qualities of narratives wherever I go, aiming to recreate the way they bring people together in my own projects.

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i. Savour

A mobile social platform for cultural food lovers who want to explore the world’s culinary bounty. Savour is a solo project created to explore cultural identity in relation to food. Through the conceptualization of a new platform, Savour fosters and centers communities in order to strengthen users' connections to their lived experiences.


ABYSSAL is a multisensory art installation focused on immersing one in the deep ocean environment. The installation uses video projections, sculptures, and sound to form a layered experience, enveloping guests in a new world. Aqua Children uses the word “abyssal” to convey the deep ocean’s mystery and hidden life, as well as its ability as an art installation to generate connections through exposure to deep zone habitats.