Red Riding Heart


PEACH & Apple is an upcoming video project and illustration series themed after dreamscapes, the difficulties in maintaining productivity, and the struggle to engage with others. Peach & Apple is a personal project currently in development.


EUANTHE Khong has been struggling to connect to her creations, impeding on her ability to draw for her work's sake. Having been unable to properly earn, she contemplates on giving up on her passions for the sake of returning to a state of productivity. In the midst of her confliction, she begins to wake up within her dreams in an endless lush meadow, under an unchanging warm sky. Sharing her recurring dreams is "Apple", an enigmatic individual who reveals little about their personal information, including their own name. However, they openly state that they consider the meadow to be their new home and that they have no intention of leaving the dreamscape. With Apple holding little interest in enduring the hardships of the real world and seeing little beauty in their circumstances, Euanthe hesitates to leave them as they are. For the first time in months, she starts to draw in order to report back to Apple in her dreams with her interpretation.

Concept Work.